About Us


We are here to serve your needs. We are a horse owning and loving family who has owned and transported horses for many years. We treat your horse(s) as our own and with the greatest of care and safety. Because we are a small family owned and operated business we are not in a rush to zig zag all over the country and can take the time it takes in order to ensure the comfort and safety of your precious cargo. We do NOT drive 24/7 causing your horse extreme exhaustion, we allow your horse the much needed rest each night he/she needs in order to be transported safely and comfortably. Our horses will NEVER step off the trailer with “sea legs” or looking “drunk” due to exhaustion and extreme “tag team” driving that you will get from many companies. We take great pride in the condition our horses arrive to their destination in. They step off looking as they have come only a few miles rather then 100’s or 1000’s of miles.

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